Avery & Lila

I love babies. Especially when sisters give birth at almost the same time (and when one of them is a former bride)!!

Elena + Michael: part I

More when I get back from Rome... :)

Jenn + Jie

Yun + Vincent

Megan & Daniel : part II

Megan & Daniel : part I

The Babies - June 2009

Stay tuned for a ton of new pictures of them in the next couple weeks. :)

Thomas Knoell Designs + MIA from Bridal Lounge

So, I've wanted to share this shoot for a while. Jewelry designer Thomas Knoell wanted to revamp their look, so with the help of makeup artist Mia we created a really awesome look for the shoot.

Heather + Kenneth

Tara + Michael


Jen + Andy

This is my last destination wedding of the year at the Hampden House in Buckinghamshire, UK! Special thank you to Anil Tohani for shooting with me. Who knew I had a twin in the UK? ;)

Nicole + Brian

Cyn + Les