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Tamar + Matt + Chicken Tetrazzini

FLORIDA 3/31-4/8

I'll be in the Tampa Bay area of FL around Easter. I'm offering super duper special portrait, boudoir and engagement session rates because I'd love to be able to shoot in my hometown. :) Please e-mail me through my website if you're interested.

***SORRY: Rate does not apply to my friendtographers.***


DJ Jess

Lori + Dan

Lori & Dan : coming soon

spread the word!

I <3 Lady Gaga

(taken with crappy p&s)

Sam & Ian : couples boudoir

Some nudity! Scroll down if ya don't want to see boob.

Behind the Scenes with Raphael Mazzucco for L'Oreal and Lancome


Junebug's The Best from the Best 2009


Sam + Ian : the album

FIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY, I can post this album. Sam just received it as a holiday gift from her mom. :)

Erica + Billy